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Hello everyone 🙂

Disclaimer: I decided to invite a friend of mine for this week’s review… she insisted on EXO so I told her “do it yourself, I am not talking about them… I don’t need angry fans on my blog :p “. Yes yes Exotics are really nice but turn into angry wolves whenever something bad is said about the group. So, my friend, which goes by the name N (not very creative from her side, I know), will take you through their latest album, “Overdose”.

Hello all, I am N. Sorry for taking long before posting this but life can be so chaotic sometimes (and arguing with the blog owner drains sooooo much energy). Here I am, excited and ready to talk about one of the most epic and young groups so far: EXO.

These boys are amazing! Their singing and dancing skills are signs of their incredible talent. During last month, they came back with a mini album “Overdose” and this is what I am going to talk about today.

Well, first, let me start with the main song, (obviously) “Overdose”. I fell in love with it the minute I listened to it… just form the teaser I had the impression that it was a great song. I admit it, I listened to a leaked version. Don’t judge me, I know you did it too! Well, they were postponing it forever and weren’t going to release it, not after the sinking ferry disaster but I couldn’t wait that long.

I liked the beat, it made me want to start dancing right away. I also loved every part of it: the chorus, the bridge and also the rap part (which doesn’t happen frequently… K-Pop songs tend to introduce rapp at the most inappropriate and awkward moments of the song. It’s like if they want the main rapper to make his appearance, no matter when or how). Let’s not forget Baekhyun’s voice 🙂 That, my friends, is the real overdose of one’s using his voice to make people melt (see what I did there :p )

So, great song and I couldn’t wait to see the dance of course. Again, leaked video :p (I am sure you did so too, SM didn’t post the official dance video yet). I wasn’t disappointed at all. Perfectly in synch with the beat, easy to watch yet very complicated to execute. The movements were so detailed and I can’t think of how much time and effort they put into executing it so perfectly. How cute is Kay when he does the tap-in-the-cheeks thingy?? ^^


Also, I loved how they move like they are playing with the ropes, how they make dialing gestures while singing “someone call the doctor”… you know, these details are what make dances memorable. But my most favorite part is the very last one, right after Kay finishes his rap lines, when they make a line and then start moving their heads, A W E S O M E.

Now, let’s talk about the MV, shall we? That was the disappointing part for me, but I am aware that it is not EXO’s fault. SM looooooves to imprison their artists in beautiful cages and make them dance in boxes. This MV was no exception to this fact. I would love to see the members in other sets… don’t get me wrong, I love the dance and I enjoy watching it. Nonetheless, I think I would like it more if the movie was about something else, or telling a story… I will have the opportunity to witness the dance during live performances so it wouldn’t hurt to see something different from the boys.

Now, Overdose is not the only song I loved in this mini-album; there is a song that I recommend too.

If you have some time, just give “Thunder” a try. It is really beautiful, it has a nice rhythm and, to my biggest surprise, they made Chanyeol and Kay sing !!! *-* I mean finally !!! I knew Chanyeol could sing but I never trusted SM to allow him to do so… you know how strict they are.

For those who want to give it a try, enjoy ^^

 Finally, my job is done here so I thank KazeYoja for allowing me to write this review here (she will be the one dealing with the angry fans about things that I wrote, mouahahahahahaha)

XOXO (see what I did here?? :p )



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