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Hello all this is N again ^^

This time, I couldn’t decide which K-Pop song to talk about! Too many releases during this month and many memorable songs!! So, in order not to make this an endless article about how much talented K-Pop groups are, I will just focus on 3 : Infinite, VIXX and Orange Caramel.

Infinite – Last Romeo :


OK, I’m starting big I know!! This is just an awesome song… I fell in love with it the moment I heard it and I am still listening to it repeatedly today!

I love the instrumental … You know, even in the teaser, how it starts softly with the piano and then takes a whole different direction. I love the percussion the most, it sets the mood and rhythm for the whole song.

The dance is nice. Well Infinite are known for their hard work and extremely detailed dances. Plus, they are always in synch … challenge them by pausing whenever you want during the choreography and you will see that all the members are doing exactly the same moves. Anyway, for this particular song, the dance didn’t cut it for me. I liked some parts but there was no points in it, no special moves that made me surprised… it was just a normal dance… the only part I liked is when Hoya, at the very beginning, sings while expanding his hands, like a ballerina (sorry, that’s the only thing I could think of when I saw it, but it is cool).

Annnnd to my biggest surprise, they made Sung Yeol sing!! And as usual the leader and Woo Hyun were amazing at singing 🙂


The MV was also nice: for once, they made the love story just between a single member and the beautiful lady (she had nice shoes by the way). I mean, on other MVs, all the members were intertwined with the same girl and that is just wrong and awkward on all levels. This time, it was different and it made sense.

One last thing to tell about this song (or maybe the whole album?) is that I was afraid the Infinite essence would disappear after SM is now responsible of the group. But that wasn’t the case, they still have their style and the song has that “Infinite In-spirit” to it (see what I did there??? I love wordplays 🙂 ).

VIXX – Eternity :


This group never fails to surprise me: everything was just perfect: the song, the lyrics, the dance, the MV … and also, it is still faithful to the group’s style.

Don’t tell me you didn’t notice the guy that sounds a little like Onew?? (sorry, VIXX members are all “the guys” to me, I didn’t catch all the names yet ^^’ … don’t judge me, I am working on it!)

The chorus is really beautiful and I love how they move between the song parts in harmony. Even the rap didn’t disturb me. But there is a part of “ohohoh” and that is like something a group of boy cheerleaders would shout during a game… when I heard it, it was nice but once I read the lyrics and understood the sadness of the story, it didn’t fit anymore.

I liked the dance a lot (it is not what you are thinking you perverted minds): well the song is “eternity” and the lyrics are about how time flies and how each second is valuable. The dance stays true to that and there are moves that resemble the clock but without being cheesy.

So, I definitely would recommend it ^^

Orange Caramel – Abing Abing :

Orange Caramel Abing Abing 아빙아빙 lyrics cover

First of all, I am not a fan of this group and I know their song only because so many boy bands dress like them and do cute parodies of them. That being established, let’s talk about the song.

When I heard it, I enjoyed the beat, catchy, making me want to dance and upbeat. As far as the cuteness is concerned, these girls never disappoint! That’s why I don’t like them, sometimes it is just overdone. Meeh, what do I know? Guys love them and they are so popular in Korea!!

Anyways, the dance is easy, cute and simple. The MV is the most interesting part. Orange Caramel seems hooked on the food concept and they chose the ice cream this time. They learned from the Catallena mistake and didn’t represent any food; still the MV is really well done. The outfits and the little hats are really adorable. Keep it up girls 🙂

All in all, it is a good song that fits the summer’s spirit.

ORANGE-CARAMEL---Abing-abing- photoshut nana lizzy raina kpopexciting.mp4[2014.05.20

Catallena mistake?? Read my article on this (in French though) by clicking here ^^

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