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Sorry for not being able to post articles more often… I have been busy with exams and actual life! Now that the main issues are over, I am back and I will try to keep posting interesting reviews !

Soooo, today I want to talk about an amazing K-drama: “Emergency Couple”. It is relatively a new drama, taking into account that the last episode aired on April 5th (but I watched it only last month… Yes, I love to wait until the whole drama is finished before jumping in; that way, I don’t get hooked every week waiting for the next episode to see what happens).

Anyways, this drama is about a couple that got married really young but had to divorce because the daily routine took over and they couldn’t just stand each other anymore. The husband had to leave his studies as a doctor to be with his wife, and his mother never forgave her daughter-in-law for that! 6 years later, our couple meats again under unusual circumstances: they are both interns at the same hospital, and for the emergency department! At first, the male leader Oh Chang Min (played by the skilled Choi Jin Hyuk) tries all that he can to make his ex-wife Oh Jin Hee (no other that Song Ji Hyo) leave the hospital. But she is determined to stay and become a successful doctor.

The Emergency department is ruled by the skillful doctor Kook Cheon Soo which is helped by Sim Jin Hye (which also happens to be his ex-girlfriend)… isn’t that amazing?? Of course doctor Kook falls in love with the intern Jin Hee, while her husband finally realizes that he spoiled his marriage and shouldn’t have let it finish so cruelly.


As you can see, the plot is really complicated (and I spared you other characters so as not to spoil this drama). The story is really original, considering the set of the hospital where usually the male lead is an awesome doctor and the female character is just a nurse that is always impressed by how he saves people! This plot is really different and original and catches your attention from the start.

The story also goes back and forth, showing us memories of the young couple and leading us through what went wrong and how all characters matured through this experience.

I am not going to go through the cast, all the actors are talented… and they portray every character truthfully.

This drama is a romantic comedy and the comedy isn’t missing at all! (I mean, some dramas that were supposed to be romantic comedies loose the funny side right after the first 3 episodes or so and become just a dull boring drama…. I don’t mind the drama, that’s why I watch but if I choose a comedy over an utterly pure drama, I have my reasons and I don’t want to be emerged on multiple crying scenes each episode). Let’s get back to our cute couples shall we? There are many many funny scenes, throughout the drama and make it really enjoyable. There is also a suspense that will keep you coming back for more!

Screenshot (676)

Spoiler Alert!!! You have been warned!

I didn’t like the ending a lot… I was not a huge fan of it! I mean, the script on the last 3 episodes or so was all focused on the tragedy that happened to the male lead. It helped him and the other characters to better understand themselves and take more wise choices but it was too “easy” maybe! Just like something I would see in Mexican dramas!

Plus, I really rooted for the head of the emergency department! He was a real doctor, never letting go of his principles and always making the right decisions, not minding what the direct consequences will be. I was just sad that his ending was not as expected!

End of the spoiler, keep reading, this part is safe 🙂 

All in all, it is a really good drama and the suspense will definitely make you wait for the events that will follow! It is also entertaining and makes you think, at times, if you would have reacted the same way or what you would do in the same situation!

Have fun watching it 🙂

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  1. Thank you for this review! I really liked this drama at first but didn’t actually finish watching it because it started becoming more and more predictable… I love the main cast though!
    Aaand I’m really hooked on your dramas reviews *-* Way to go! Can you please review Angel Eyes, Bel Ami or Let’s Eat? Or even variety or reality shows like Running Man, The Return of Superman, Let’s Go Dream Team, etc.? All is good!

  2. Hello Asmmaâ and thanks for the comment ^^ Gomawo also for the suggestions 🙂
    I hate to admit that I haven’t watched these K-dramas you listed but I will do so (coming up is a reveiw of I Hear your voice)
    As per variety shows, yes, that’s part of the plan!! already talked about Idol Olympics and slowly making my move towards the others ^^


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