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Annyong everyone^^ This is N.

While KazeYoja was having fun at the “Otaku Market” with all the cosplays and purchasing Manga and K-Pop related goodies, I was having fun my own style :p Of course, I was watching K-Dramas and I am back with a review of one of my favorite ones so far: “I hear your voice”.

“I hear your voice” is a relatively new drama since the last episode aired in September 2013. It has 18 episodes so it’s easy to go through it fast enough, for all the K-Drama maniacs out there! But I loved it too much that I decided to make the suspense last, so I took my time while watching it and enjoyed each and every single episode.

First, here is a short synopsis of the drama:

Jang Hye Song is a high school student. Her jealous friend Seo Do Yon framed her by telling everyone she hit her and caused her eye injury. She is forced then to change schools but promised to prove her innocence. These 2 friends, while arguing about these facts, witness a murder of a father and the attempt of murdering his little child. Jang Hye Song decides to go to court and be a witness, to send this killer to jail and save the little boy. The killer had a solid defense until she showed up, he swears that once he is released, he will chase her down and make her pay. Under the terror, she admits that she regrets her decision but the little boy, Park So Har, promises that he will protect her no matter what.

10 years later, Jang Hye Song becomes a lawyer and Park So Ha is helplessly looking for her! By coincidence, she becomes the lawyer of his friend and he steps up to help her with this case.

Until now, you will think that this is a regular story and that it will be boring … well, you are completely wrong and here are some twists to make you more convinced:

  • During the care incident, Park So Ha acquired the ability of reading people’s minds if he looks in their eyes
  • The criminal, whose objective is revenge, is released and is fully aware of the young lawyer’s whereabouts.
  • The jealous friend grows up to be a prosecutor; so it means a great rivalry with the lawyer.
  • Park So Ha is in love with  Jang Hye SOng but she is, in appearance, a cold woman. Besides, her coworker at the office is also under her spell.

Yep, things got interesting! And it is a really a good story!


The suspense is present through the whole drama; you will find yourselves instinctively looking for the next episode to know what events it will hold. And the pace is steady through the whole events: nothing goes to fast or too slow.

Although it ranks under “Drama and romance”, the “dramatic” parts are not heavily used. Let me explain myself: I really hate it when there are interminable scenes with people crying and thinking why they made such mistakes…  it is just unbearable for me, all those tears and all this sadness. I find myself screaming at my screen: “Just get over it already!! The guy you love didn’t die, he just doesn’t know your intentions behind your decisions!! Just tell him and everything will go back to normal!! Crying for hours doesn’t help you and make you look stupid! Hurryyyyyyy!! ” Yes, I told you I find those scenes unbearable!

But that is not the case for this Drama. In “I hear your voice”, there are surely some sad and heartbreaking situations. They are not expected and last the “just right” amount of time. Just prepare some tissues because they are really sad.

Let’s go back to plot, shall we?  I just want to sum up some amazing things about it: so, it is full of suspense, it goes at a steady pace, the events don’t occur too fast, it doesn’t lose those qualities over the episodes but make you stick to it until the end, and… most of all: it totally makes sense (well apart from reading minds :p  ), I mean that the events are just logical!!

Once more, let me explain myself: sometimes, I feel like script writers get stuck, so they invent something really silly to get out of a complicated situation, like a car accident or someone needing an urgent operation, to name a few clichés of usual scenarios. But, for this drama, it is totally the opposite; nothing is “made up” to get out of a complicated situation, everything follows a logic.

I also loved the fact that the story doesn’t always revolve around the 3 main characters (Jang Hye Song, Park So Ha and the criminal seeking revenge). Other lawyers have an important role, the prosecutor has her own interesting side story, ourfemale lead gets complicated cases to defend where there is more that the defendant’s innocence at stake…  as I said, it really keeps the audience interested as to what is going to happen next.

The characters, all of them, are forced to make life-changing decisions and face tough situations. This makes them grow and we also grow more and more attachement towards them.


Furthermore, they are portrayed really well. The actors are very talented and each emotion is truly delivered to the audience. When they are frustrated, happy, angry, scared, hesitant, … we feel the same! A talented cast 🙂 and I handsome male leader I may add  :p To give you an example: whenever I saw the criminal and his cruel smile, I had goose bumps and was scared to the bone … he was really committed to the scary role!

As per the music, the OST is nice too. Here is my favorite song of the whole Drama (I chose a vid that will also show you some good clips of the drama; maybe it will convince you to watch it more than my words):

Lastly, some of the things that I didn’t like about this Drama:

  • The lead actress is a lawyer and the love line is with So Ha who is freshly graduated from high school. I know, the age difference is something frequent and common in South Korea but I didn’t bring myself into accepting it! It seemed natural that they end up together but some parts were still weird for me.
  • When he read minds, they were all clear, with coherent sentences and always related to the topic at hand. I mean, I suppose people think about many things at the same time and can jump from one thing to another, without any logic. Well, isn’t this how it goeas or am I a freak?? Anyways, I am really thankful that such ability doesn’t exist in real life: anyone who reads my mind will think that I am completely crazy :p

 At the ned, that was my review of this drama, I hope you enjoyed it. The bottom line is: if you didn’t watch this drama yet, you definitely should!

Please leave your comments (either here or on the facebook page) and if you have any request for future reviews, let me know … I read your words (did you get it?? hhhh)




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