[Anime Review] No Game No Life


Hello, this is N reporting again !

Today, I am not going to talk about something K-drama related; I am going to review an anime! I know you are surprised: you though I didn’t watch anime!  Well I do, I watch anime a lot (not as much as I want and I still don’t consider myself as a fulfilled Otaku… it will come with time …. I hope 😉

Enough talking about me and let’s talk about this awesome anime, shall we? Today, I will be reviewing « No Game No Life« 

First, some basic information:

  • It is actually a series of short novels written and drawn by Yu Kamiya for Media Factory magazine. They are published from April 2012 and the 6th chapter was published at April 2014.
  • It was later adapted to a manga by Machiro Hiiragi, and published in Monthly Comic Alive magazine, since January 2013
  • Finally, the anime’s adaptation started broadcasting from April till June 2014 and counts one season of 12 episodes.

The story revolves around Sora, an 18 year old boy and his younger sister Shiro. Both are gamers, geeks if you want, since they are too much emerged in the games. They consider the outside world as a game where the rules don’t make sense and the screenplay is too boring. Together, they always play as a team, calling themselves “Blank” and are invisible in all kind of games.

One day, they are challenged by a mysterious player that they defeat, after much difficulty, in a game of chess. He then proposes to them to be “reborn” at the world he created, where everything is dealt with through games.

Being players, they obviously take the challenge and meat “Tet”, the last standing God who created this world “DissBoard” after all the other Gods entered a war and lost it. As the new ruler of the world, he set 10 rules that specify that: violence, theft and killing is definitely prohibited, and all conflicts are resolved with playing games, even conquering new territory and being a king.

Sora and Shiro are more thrilled to put their gaming abilities into use in this world and embark for this long journey with their confidence of never losing, not even once.

That is all I will say about the story, according to my NO-Spoils policy 😉


This is an anime I won’t regret watching! It is full of suspense and logic! The games they play, even if it is “Rock Paper Scissors”, are leveled up by the rules and the bets taken so they become more interesting.

The anime calls out the viewer’s interest by various plots that, at first glance, seem like difficult situations for our heroes, but they manage to escape or succeed using their skills and intelligence.

What I liked the most is that winning a game is not achieved through some mysterious way or by adding an element at the very end … or just inventing a new specification that wasn’t made before (I hate it when it is wrapped up this way). In “No Game No Life”, before playing the game, everything is clarified; all the conditions as well as the rules for the game, then when it seems impossible, Sora and Shiro manage to be the victorious ones thanks to their intelligence. The way of how they won is also explained, and you can see how logical it is.

When the last episodes get closer, we are somewhat doubtful about the whole situation but when everything revolves, we can also admire how much the siblings think far ahead! They take decisions that seem silly for the time being of the story but will absolutely benefit them in the upcoming events! And that is pure genius my friends!

I also like the spirit of all the characters! They are all faithful to their principles and can fight for it, while betting everything they have. For Shiro and Sora, it’s their completely and utterly trust in each other. Once they are aside, they can accomplish anything! Each one of them is also aware of its own limits, so he can lean on the other from time to time. I really liked this relationship.


Furthermore, there are many random scenes that make the anime more fun to watch and enjoy! Everything is serious then one character will say/do something completely random … it is so funny!!

All in all, this anime has many genres involved and won’t make you feel bored at all: mystery, action, intelligence, strategy, suspense, comedy, mystical creatures, imaginary worlds, etc… I will surely recommend it.

But…. There is one thing (there is always a thing). When I decided to watch it, I was motivated by many comments saying that it was the intelligent kind of anime, full of sense and strategies… that is true, comments didn’t lie about that but they also omitted that it is Ecchi!!

Ahhh, I can’t believe I watched one :p  I mean there were some signals (very very obvious signals it is just me who was blind I guess) about it but these scenes were not the main focus of the anime. Yah! Nothing “too much” you perverts, just some scenes, ecchi on the surface !!! I tolerated them thinking that they were here for the male audience, plus they were all funny scenes, so I thought they were inserted to lighten the mood. Well, it turned out that the whole anime is an Ecchi…


Sooo, bottom line is: although this anime is an Ecchi, the story of getting involved in a new world and using games and strategy to advance in it is very interesting. You are warned: if you are a hardcore and you like Ecchi, you shouldn’t miss this, otherwise, it can be too much for you!

Regarding the ending: at first, I was frustrated that it ended so soon (only 12 episodes) but then I thought of all the events that occurred and how it kept me hitting the “next episode” button. This anime is full of suspense and I am glad that I watched it (Ecchi?? Ecchi? For me, they were just funny scenes, THE END!! )

I hope that the second season will follow soon 🙂

Aschente everyone!



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