[K-Drama Review] Fated to love you


Hello all! This is N again and this time I am going to review this amazing K-Drama “Fated to love you”.

Before giving you my opinion about it, let’s start with some general information ^^

The Drama was aired from July till October 2014 and counts 20 episodes of nearly one hour each. It is an adaptation from a Taiwanese drama, of the same name but people agree that both versions, although they may cover the same story, are very different from each other.


The plot is about a rich heir, Lee Gon (the talented and handsome Jin Hyeok) who is still single and stressed by his grandmother to get married so that she can have the following son that will inherit the family business. He is already in love with Se Ra and planning to propose shortly. At the last moment, she cancelled her trip and he remains alone in the resort where he planned the dream-like proposal.

Far from this situation, Kim Mi Yeong (Jang Nara) is struggling at work: her name is commun, she is not remarkably beautiful, and she helps everyone but is easily forgotten afterwards. She doesn’t stand out whatsoever and is secretly in love with a lawyer at the firm where she works. She finally gets the chance to talk to him more, at the cruise she wins at work, to go to a special resort.

After funny yet really logical events, she ends up ditching the lawyer and spending the night with no other than Lee Gon. No one realizes what happened then until Mi Yeong discovers that she is pregnant!

Her mother, wanting her to affirm herself and the grandmother, seeing only a grand-child at the horizon, both pressure the one-night couple to get married, which they do … and things get more complicated after that point!


Frankly speaking, I am still not sure about this drama… let me explain myself: the first 6 episodes are really hilarious and we get attached to all the characters pretty fast. Lee Gon has a really special character: he shows that he is the professional and ruthless CEO but he is really caring and gentle. More importantly, he has the most addicting laugh you are going to hear. Mi Yeong, from her side, is really sweet and helpful, kind and forgiving but we sympathize with her as she can’t express herself boldly.

Other characters make the story really interesting and the plot is nicely managed, we track everything perfectly and we get full of curiosity regarding the following things that are going to happen to both heroes and everyone else.

After 10 episodes or so, the “drama” strikes and the mood of the series is altered. The funny scenes are slowly replaced by tearing faces and suddenly, you find yourself watching a full episode of tears, sadness and flash-backs. That was totally a deception for me since it made me loose the essence of the series and why I was attached to watching it.

These are the reasons why I can’t say I fully liked the drama or disliked it… it is both. I had to keep watching at that point because I wanted to know how the story will end.


Actors are all talented and, once again, the second male lead (Choi Jin Hyeok) was truly brilliant and sweet. As usual, I found myself rooting for him for a decent love story but the writers left this part hidden. He was heartbroken, yes, but his story was kept unfinished I think.

The OST? I am only aware of 2 songs of it (yes, they were played a lot so I forgot all the other songs). Ailee is a talented singer and “good bye my love » is a beautiful sad ballad BUT it is not a reason to play it over and over again like it is the only sad song in the planet!! Or, maybe there were too many sad scenes at the end that it was the only song from the OST to fit that mood? Anyways, it was a good song but they ruined it by playing it too much.

The other song is “My girl”, the happy and cheerful song by Ken (of VIXX). I liked this song… here is the link to it :


To sum up, the drama made me really confused. When someone asks me if I would recommend it or not, I get in a dilemma: the first part is funny and sets a different vibe from the second part. As a conclusion, if you don’t like too much tears when you watch a K-Drama, then you should avoid it. If it is not the case, then enjoy watching ^^


Do you agree with me? What review should I do next?? Leave your comments either here or on the Wind in a Box Facebook page 🙂

Fated to love K-Drama 😉



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