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As voted by Wind in a Box followers

So, before saying goodbye to 2014, I had an idea of making the blog followers vote for what they likes most during 2014. It was just for fun so I’m not sure I will do that again…. Unless :p

Anyways, I didn’t receive much votes but I was expecting so. I want to thank everyone that took part in the voting and  made it an enjoyable moment to discuss about each of the nominees. Your point of views are very interesting: some of you cursed me for the tough choice I was imposing while others had no hard time voting for their favorites.

L’article précédent (Lien Ici) nous a dévoilé les débuts de Brain Oil Factory, à travers Wassim, l’un des dessinateurs et artistes membres de ce collectif. La suite, toujours en compagnie de Wassim  …..


En effet, j’ai beaucoup échangé avec les fondateurs de ce collectif à tel point qu’ils ont fini par me proposer (avec Bouchra El Ghoul et Hicham Kaidi) d’intégrer l’équipe aussi, en Mars 2014. J’étais honoré de cette invitation car j’avais envie de participer aussi à aider d’autres artistes et à laisser mon emprunte quand il s’agissait de partager cette passion et la rendre plus accessible aux jeunes artistes.

Le mot d’ordre qui régnait sur nos activités était le « partage » et les membres fondateurs, étant tous des professionnels du domaine, avaient beaucoup de savoir à partager.

This is N reporting again and happy new year to all of you 😀

May the wind always be in your favor !

All the K-pop fans out there are aware that 2014 wasn’t an easy year… Each week, we would wake up to a new scandal, a breaking news or a tearful tragedy… most of us, while 2014 was getting closer to an end, were just praying that the curse will stop. Since we have said good bye to 2014 a few hours ago, we will present to you most of the bad events that occurred… (in random order):

Ladies Code’s tragic accident: While the girl group was heading home from a concert, way after midnight, their van had a tragic accident: one member died at the moment while the 3 others were hospitalized, leaving fans perplexe about their health. Soon later, another member died from her injuries. During their funeral, and even though they were still sick and injured, the 2 remaining girls stood in the crowd and tearfully said their final goodbyes… in this day, the K-Pop lost 2 talented and cheerful young ladies: EunB & RiSe.