2014 … the year that made K-Pop Fans freak out !


This is N reporting again and happy new year to all of you 😀

May the wind always be in your favor !

All the K-pop fans out there are aware that 2014 wasn’t an easy year… Each week, we would wake up to a new scandal, a breaking news or a tearful tragedy… most of us, while 2014 was getting closer to an end, were just praying that the curse will stop. Since we have said good bye to 2014 a few hours ago, we will present to you most of the bad events that occurred… (in random order):

Ladies Code’s tragic accident: While the girl group was heading home from a concert, way after midnight, their van had a tragic accident: one member died at the moment while the 3 others were hospitalized, leaving fans perplexe about their health. Soon later, another member died from her injuries. During their funeral, and even though they were still sick and injured, the 2 remaining girls stood in the crowd and tearfully said their final goodbyes… in this day, the K-Pop lost 2 talented and cheerful young ladies: EunB & RiSe.

The accident raised many questions about the security of the idols: the accident was not the first one in the industry but it got much attention because of the consequences. During 2014 alone, many other accidents occurred to idols but the media attention was minor because accidents happened all the time. The agencies, in general, give the idols hectic schedules that oblige them to be on the road most of the time, just as tired as the managers driving. If we add to that the number of idols that drive while they are drunk, the numbers get freaky rapidly.

Other car accidents that occurred this year: Big Bang’s Seungri also was involved in an accident, in the drive way, while drinving his car. Footage clearly shows that he was under the influence…. Hopefully, he just got minor injuries and no one else was harmed. Got7’ JB also had a minor accident. And these were the reported one, shown in the press… we are sure that more of them happen but they remain a secret between the idols and the agencies.

 SM, the new drama…


We woke up one day on the news that Kriss was suing SM and wanting to leave his group EXO. Fans were shocked as they didn’t expect such behavior, especially that the group is relatively new and that no tension was sensed between the members. Kriss later explained that the reasons behind his decision were that SM was not granting him “human conditions” like rest for an appropriate amount of time or granting healthy food. Moreover, he explained that the Chinese members were discriminated over the Korean ones, in many fields (especially when it came to doing CFs).

Later on, Jessica of Girls Generation was kicked out of the group. Pictures of her leaving SM in tears took over the net in just seconds and the controversy of wether she left by choice or kicked out of the group is remaining, although many fans believe that the second scenario is more accurate. She was later seen promoting her clothing line, Blanc, and also rumors spread about her wedding to a business man, but she keeps denying them…

Afterwards, Luhan also sued SM and filed for leaving the group EXO… more disappointment for the fans of this boy group…

Things didn’t calm down for SM entertainment, sooner after that, a “scandal” aroused regarding F(X). After their come back with “Red Light”,  Sulli made the news with a pregnancy scandal… she admitted later on that she was in a relationship with a famous Rapper, much older, after denying it for so long, which made the fans even angrier…. After many negative attacks on line, and many harassing comments, the artist decided to stop all promoting activities and to take some rest, which made the pregnancy rumor more suspicious in the eyes of angry fans (we all know that SM will never grant an idol some rest, no matter how tired he is, no examples needed here! ).

A concert that turned into a nightmare: 4 Minutes concert where some parts of the audience places collapsed and some fans died right away, before the rescue had enough time to come.

And the tragedies kept on coming:

  • MBLAQ: Thunder and Lee Joon decided not to renew their contract with their agency and so MBLAQ will disband soon (rumors say that they just want to change agencies and that their activity will be postponed until they sign a solid contract with someone)
  • KARA: Nicole and Jiyong left this group and were soon replaced by a new member…. Nicole started her solo activities later on.
  • 2NE1: Park Boom’s drug scandal. This also lead her to stop all her activities in the music business (including leaving the “Roommate” show) for some time since she got many hating comments.
  • Kim Hung Joong: assaulting his girlfriend and hitting her many times… I have no idea what happened next :p
  • BAP: they nullified their contract with their agency and are looking for a new one. According to them, the former agency was exploiting them and not paying enough money … however, they reassured fans that the group will remain the same, with the same members.

And of course, there were also some happy news… well it depends on where you stand XD

Tiffany (Girls Generation) started dating Nickhun of 2PM, Yoona also started dating Lee Sung Gi (aren’t they the cutest couple?) and Tae Yon (Girls Generation) was reported to be dating BaekHyun of EXO and this latter couple attracted all the negative comments causing Beakhyun to deal with angry screams in each of his stage appearances. We will add to that G-Dragon and his love travel with the Japanese model…

And, at the very end of the year, Super Junior’s Sungmin held his wedding with the beautiful (and lucky) Kim Saeun.


I guess that was most of what happened in 2014, hoping that 2015 will be better for the K-Pop world ^^

——————— N


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