Best Anime, K-Pop Song & K-Drama for 2014


As voted by Wind in a Box followers

So, before saying goodbye to 2014, I had an idea of making the blog followers vote for what they likes most during 2014. It was just for fun so I’m not sure I will do that again…. Unless :p

Anyways, I didn’t receive much votes but I was expecting so. I want to thank everyone that took part in the voting and  made it an enjoyable moment to discuss about each of the nominees. Your point of views are very interesting: some of you cursed me for the tough choice I was imposing while others had no hard time voting for their favorites.

So, without further ado, here are the winners, the best of 2014, according to WIB followers ^^

First up, Best Shonen Anime:

2 winners, votes were equal between these 2, even though the competition was very rude:

 best shonen

Best K-Drama:

No competition, almost all votes went into the same direction, to the stars!

Best Kdrama

Best Shojo Anime:

No surprise in here…. It was expected!

For those of you who are interested, read my review about this anime by following this link.

Best Shojo

Best K-Pop Songs:

2NE1 was clearly a fovourite for the female artists. The boy group song was the most competitive category… many casted votes and 2 winners at the end. Read my review about EXO’s Overdose here.

Best K-Pop Songs

So, that was it !

Don’t forget to VOTE for this blog though by clicking this link! Your voting is very important for me ^^ Thanks in advance.


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