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Hello wind followers! Miss me much ? this is N again, coming for a review of a great drama (sorry for the pause, studies have been harsh lately)…. I have the impression that I start all my articles with an apology :/ sorry for that (yep, another one right here) I’ll try to post things more frequently.

 So, Pinocchio, the drama that swept Korea and international fans from November (2014) to January (2015) …

The drama aired at SBS and counts 20 episodes. The cast is really amazing and includes talented (and handsome and pretty) actors and actresses: Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, Kim Yong Kwang, Lee Pil Mo and many others.

The story revolves around the brothers, Ha Myong and his older brother who formed a happy family with their mother and their father who works as a firefighter. One day, a fire takes place in a factory and the father’s firefighting squad heads to the rescue. They all die but the police can’t find the corpse of the father, the head of the squad. Rumors spread then that this man sent his team to danger while escaping. Reporters come to cover the story, among them a special reporter that is determined to make the family’s lives into media hell by accusing them and manipulating the truth.

A series of event follows under which Ha Myong finds himself adopted by an old grandfather, under a new name: Dal Po. All seems fine until the grandfather’s family decides to move in with him. Among the new comers, In Ha, a sweet daughter is also present. Later, we discover that In Ha is no other than the cruel reporter’s daughter, who Dal Po has sworn as his enemy and was determined to make suffer for tearing up his happy family. But what can he do, he has a crush on In Ha! What a difficult situation!

Years later, Dal Po’s older brother (who thinks that the young one committed suicide) also enters the scene;  his determination for cold blooded revenge against the reporter didn’t fade away a bit.

From another side, both Dal Po and In Ha decide to become reporters, for different motives: while In Ha tries to get closer to her mum, Dal Po is determined to make her apologize on air for what she has done to his family.


As you can see, the story is really interesting and intertwined around many characters: will Dal Po meet his older brother? How far can this one go for revenge? What does a “good” reporter do in order to reveal the truth? Will In Ha get close to her mum or will she reject her when she knows that she manipulated the truth years ago? Will Dal Po be able to get over his feeling for In Ha and proceed with his revenge? But then, as the plot evolves through the episodes, many other events occur and the questions raised gets numerous and more complicated …

First of all, the cast is really amazing! They are all talented actors…. And me who found that Park Shin Hye was just lucky to get around every famous series with no actual talent made me wrong on this on (OK, she did a good job on the Heirs but now I am more convinced of her talent as an actress). Didn’t I tell you?? In Pinocchio, Park Shin Hye’s character has the Pinocchio syndrome: she hiccups whenever she says a lie! Just take a second and imagine what will happen to you if you had this illness?

“-   Do I look fat?

– Not at all, you look gorgeous” … (hiccup) Sorry :/ “

Since it is a drama, I was expecting a lot of tears, clichéd scenes and, of course, coincidences that were so unbelievable that you will just stop watching for a second and admire the imagination of the scriptwriters who are so keen on implausible coincidences.

Well, the odd coincidences are there for sure: Dal Po lives in a new house….. Who moves in? The daughter of his sworn enemy. The older brother is just sitting at a bar and who walks in? The 3 guys that helped frame his father as a fugitive and what do they talk about? How they should never tell anyone what they did 13 years ago, while explaining it in details for him to hear…. Reporters need to have a watch out at police stations; and who works there? An old friend of both In Ha and Dal Po who attended high school with them….. I can go on but I don’ want to spoil the turn of events.

Anyways, coincidences everywhere…. I got used to them and nothing shocked me anymore.

Tears then? Hum there were many sad and teary scenes and I found myself really sad and touched. Those scenes were really intense in terms of feelings and the actors make all of the emotions believable. Also, they were while spread across the drama so you don’t feel that everything got sad suddenly. Confrontations were also strong and powerful. In each  episode, you will find different intense scenes and that made the watching experience rich in emotions and also made us more immersed to know what will happen next.

Clichéd scenes? Oh well, we’ve got used to that in K-Drama land, right? The drunk girl that gets a piggy back, the drunk dudes that start blabbering about confidential truths, the one gift that the hero gives to his love and that she holds onto until the very last episode, etc etc…

The OST is also something that I appreciated… the producers were smart enough to not include any track in the background in the most crucial scenes, so that we can focus on what is said and the emotions running through each character. I think that was smart and more impactful.


All in all, this is a drama that I will definitely recommend! Now that all the episodes are out, I’m sure that you will run a marathon night for it. Once you start (and make sure you go through the first 2 episodes; they are just giving you the general context of what will happen next), you will find yourself pressing the “next” button so as to see the events that will follow. Suspense is also very present in “Pinocchio”.

The ending is nice and surprising (no worries, keep reading, I have a « no spoil” policy)…. I mean, thinking of how the drama started and how it ends, it is soooo unpredictable (in some ways) and also logical, if you track all what happened. What I mean is, sometimes, a drama will build up a strong plot through many episodes, and the ending will rely on some additional coincidences or something that the writers forgot to mention in the beginning.

For example: let’s imagine that the ending scene is a fighting one… our hero is at a physical disadvantage, the villain guy kicked the hell out of him and there is no way our smart, lovable and handsome hero will win this fight. Oh but wait.. didn’t we tell you? Remember in episode 7 when the villain took a sip of coffee? Well it was poisoned and the effect was super slow and making it look like he had a cold. But right now is the end, he dies alone due to the poison and our hero walks away to tell the story of how he outsmarted a villain guy.

See what I mean? Totally random as an end, don’t you think?

But not with Pinocchio… the surprise element is here but remains logical with the previous stories that been told at the beginning of the drama.

As I said, you should definitely watch this drama.. if it is already done, do you agree with me or not? Feel free to interact with us and let us know what you think ^^





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