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Hello wind followers! Miss me much ? this is N again, coming for a review of a great drama (sorry for the pause, studies have been harsh lately)…. I have the impression that I start all my articles with an apology :/ sorry for that (yep, another one right here) I’ll try to post things more frequently.

 So, Pinocchio, the drama that swept Korea and international fans from November (2014) to January (2015) …

The drama aired at SBS and counts 20 episodes. The cast is really amazing and includes talented (and handsome and pretty) actors and actresses: Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, Kim Yong Kwang, Lee Pil Mo and many others.

Hello all! This is N again and this time I am going to review this amazing K-Drama “Fated to love you”.

Before giving you my opinion about it, let’s start with some general information ^^

The Drama was aired from July till October 2014 and counts 20 episodes of nearly one hour each. It is an adaptation from a Taiwanese drama, of the same name but people agree that both versions, although they may cover the same story, are very different from each other.

This time, it is not N reviewing, it is KazeYoja… Yes, same old me! I will be reviewing a much anticipated anime: Ao Haru Ride (also known as Blue Spring Ride).

Why was it anticipated? The manga had a great success (especially among girls) and many fans were waiting impatiently for the anime version to be aired.

Before unleashing my stormy comments, let’s see some basic information about the anime: the manga was created by Io Sakisaka and re-edited since January 2011. It counts 11 volumes till August 2014 and still ongoing. The anime adaptation was aired from July till September 2014, and counts 12 episodes of 23 minutes each. Aaaaannnnnd, it is a high school shojo!

Hello K-Drama fans !! N here again with the reviews for the latest releases! Well, not the latest for this one but it is pretty much recent!

One of the main dramas for 2014, mixing romance with politics, action, suspense and humor… we will review Doctor Stranger.

The drama was broadcasted on SBS, from May to June 2014. It counts a total of 20 episodes. The plot revolves around Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) who is kidnapped from South Korea by the North Korean army, due to some political issues with his father. There, he endures a fierce yet cruel training to become a doctor. Risking his life, he tries to save his true love who was hostage in North Korean camps. He manages to escape, but loses her on the way!

Later on, he becomes a genius doctor at one of the most prestigious hospitals in Seoul, but he always feels as an outcast: if anyone finds out about his activities in North Korea, he will be classified as a traitor! But being a “stranger” is not his only dilemma! His true love, which he thought was dead reappears… But is it her or someone that looks exactly like her? Is it truly her or is she a spy sent for some mysterious reasons? What about this hosptital he is working in: why is everyone after him?

(see how I managed to explain the plot, without spoiling and with enough questions to make you curious enough to watch?)

Hello, this is N reporting again !

Today, I am not going to talk about something K-drama related; I am going to review an anime! I know you are surprised: you though I didn’t watch anime!  Well I do, I watch anime a lot (not as much as I want and I still don’t consider myself as a fulfilled Otaku… it will come with time …. I hope 😉

Enough talking about me and let’s talk about this awesome anime, shall we? Today, I will be reviewing « No Game No Life« 

First, some basic information:

  • It is actually a series of short novels written and drawn by Yu Kamiya for Media Factory magazine. They are published from April 2012 and the 6th chapter was published at April 2014.
  • It was later adapted to a manga by Machiro Hiiragi, and published in Monthly Comic Alive magazine, since January 2013
  • Finally, the anime’s adaptation started broadcasting from April till June 2014 and counts one season of 12 episodes.

The story revolves around Sora, an 18 year old boy and his younger sister Shiro. Both are gamers, geeks if you want, since they are too much emerged in the games. They consider the outside world as a game where the rules don’t make sense and the screenplay is too boring. Together, they always play as a team, calling themselves “Blank” and are invisible in all kind of games.

One day, they are challenged by a mysterious player that they defeat, after much difficulty, in a game of chess. He then proposes to them to be “reborn” at the world he created, where everything is dealt with through games.

Annyong everyone^^ This is N.

While KazeYoja was having fun at the “Otaku Market” with all the cosplays and purchasing Manga and K-Pop related goodies, I was having fun my own style :p Of course, I was watching K-Dramas and I am back with a review of one of my favorite ones so far: “I hear your voice”.

“I hear your voice” is a relatively new drama since the last episode aired in September 2013. It has 18 episodes so it’s easy to go through it fast enough, for all the K-Drama maniacs out there! But I loved it too much that I decided to make the suspense last, so I took my time while watching it and enjoyed each and every single episode.

Hello everyone 🙂

Disclaimer: I decided to invite a friend of mine for this week’s review… she insisted on EXO so I told her “do it yourself, I am not talking about them… I don’t need angry fans on my blog :p “. Yes yes Exotics are really nice but turn into angry wolves whenever something bad is said about the group. So, my friend, which goes by the name N (not very creative from her side, I know), will take you through their latest album, “Overdose”.

Hello all, I am N. Sorry for taking long before posting this but life can be so chaotic sometimes (and arguing with the blog owner drains sooooo much energy). Here I am, excited and ready to talk about one of the most epic and young groups so far: EXO.